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Villager Transportation


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    I agree. Getting villagers around gives me headaches every time. I am now playing on a modded server where we have the option to carry passive mobs including villagers in our arms, which gets the job done perfectly for me but doesn't feel very realistic and like it should be in vanilla Minecraft.
    A possible solution would be an option in their trading menu or a special keybind or item to tell them to follow you. This way you could take multiple villagers with you and it wouldn't feel weird.
    Or maybe there could be some kind of job offer item that would be linked to a workstation. You would give that to unemployed villagers and they would move there on their own (they could walk away from you and then be teleported there).
    I hope that we get an update like this because I really hate dealing with villagers and moving them through difficult terrain or even the nether.