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    Considering these fluffy rodents live in the mountains irl, they could serve as a neat ambient mob for the rather lifeless stony peaks biomes and maybe the stony shores as well.

    If they need a function to be considered a viable for the sandbox (even though bats are just fine without a function besides existing), they could be made to work like modern day mini sniffers, able to find all the various food seed types (wheat, beetroot, pumpkin, etc.) in gravel and the cobblestone variants.

    Balancing this feature out, they wouldn't be able to be tamed directly, instead requiring an active jukebox to calm them enough for the player to even get close without them running away in a panic like an ocelot, so making an enclosure for them would be tricky to do and perfectly efficient collecting wouldn't be doable without allays, a music disc or a massive minecart network (which would be a complete over-investment for a couple of seeds imo).

    Maybe this is a good idea, maybe it isn't. But we do need more ambient mobs regardless, just to make the local fauna feel more distinct from biome to biome and the world more alive.