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Make Pillagers more challenging


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    Letting pillagers actually pillage the player is a really interesting idea and it would give you a reason to actually build a defenseable base and hidden stashes for valuables, even in singleplayer.

    Wooden doors would pose no obstacle to illagers due to their vindicators being able to bust those down, but installing iron doors, hiding secret passages behind paintings or just blocking your entrances off should work. If we want to make them extra intelligent, give them some sort of algorithm to determine what tool is needed to break certain "weak" blocks, like planks and cobblestone, and if they have access to those tools by way of having looted them from a player, make use of those to break past obvious barricades, but don't let them figure out the semi-obvious hiding spots.

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    The one problem is that the OP is viewing the pillagers as attempting to steal. Canonically, they are just patrolling and find it a convenient time to try and kill you. Although, to make them more dangerous would simply be to make Pillagers pull out swords at close range for 6-8 damage per hit.