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The Nether Update 2.0


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    Next the piglin scouts should ride hoglins and barter a uncraftable gilded spear and piglin totem. Next, players should be able to ride hoglins since there are no mounts in nether, hoglins could be tamed by feeding them golden carrots. Next, piglin should be curable with a weakness potion and golden carrots. The soul sand valley needs skeleton piglin and horses. Skeleton piglin will be hostile to the player but not to wither skeletons or fear zombie pigmen. Soul enchantments do more damage to undead mobs and the magma walker enchant allows you to walk on lava for a time period by turning the lave to basalt briefly. The corrupted beacon will only activate if a nether reactor is many blacks exactly above it. The corrupted beacon should also turn neutral mobs hostile but increase drops drastically. The ancient hoglin should be in normal Minecraft with it being rare and unable to hurt the player. Piglin would also hunt it. Soul cystals would be a magic ore such as lapis. The new music disc will only drop if a skeleton piglin kills a creeper. Finally, the nether should be deeper with blackstone caves with more ancient debris and gilded blackstone spawning, although blackstone golems would defend it by being hostile. Lastly, when considering an update please make sure to keep this one in mind because I believe this could benefit Minecraft positively and make a big impact on the nether. Thank you