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Iron bow


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    Now a full iron crossbow would work no problem and have a lot more durability but a full iron bow would make your bow more durable but not near of enough flexible to actually be able to repeatedly pull the bow back for multiple shots making shots take longer and it would weigh more causing lower accuracy. To fix that you need a malleably metal like copper to make the ends of the bow bend enough to and a strong unmalleable meatal like iron in the center to hold it together(The copper also makes it considerably lighter). This would actually increase the weight you can put into the pull on the bow allowing faster, farther, stronger, and more accurate shots. I think the bow should be made with 1 iron(center of sticks) and 2 copper to replace the other sticks and then 3 string. I think the damage should be at least 2 damage more at any % damage. Now i believe knockback should depend on the arrow effects and not the bows. Different arrow types like iron arrow heads would be pretty cool and might give use to the fletching table.