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New golem


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    It always bothers me how such vague posts don't get screened out in the pending approval...

    Golems need a helpful purpose, adding variety just based on material isn't like to be adopted unless players can see a useful reason to make them. After that, you can consider how hard/rare you want to make that Golem which determines its material.

    A simple "Smart Turret" Totem Golem, could be made of woods/stems (which can make them part decoration & part Defense) with a limited ammo inventory it can be more flexible than a snow golem in power but isn't mobile and obviously can run dry. 

    A "guard" golem, that could be made of stone, it alarms the player and iron or snow golems about hostile mobs nearby, it can be set on patrol routes via wander in light zone 1 or 2 (or within a solid block on edges. I have no offensive ability but work with other golems, maybe wolves as well.

    Auto workers, can use the "oxidation", "wear down", or "napping" mechanics to balance and cool down farming, fishing, and sorting-like behaviors and it's materials determine which wear or cool down mechanic and how difficult it could be to make them. For example, one made with sandstone would break down until it falls apart, perfect for a fishing golem, giving a durability-like effect. 

    The reason Copper and Tuff failed the mob votes, is because they missed that help/useful aspect that is basic in a golem concept. Mechanics wise their cool downs were awesome, what they did not so much.