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    It would be interesting, enchants in Dungeons are more like a standard RPG point system however, it is the tool that has the random enchants verse the player picking the enchant on the item. So it's more about powering up/down a weapon in Dungeons. 

    I would love though if chiseled shelves could affect enchanting, specifically that they change the random generation. Having Treasure books in the range adds that enchant in the random generation, having enchanted books of a particular enchant increases the odds of that enchant appearing in the random generation. This would keep the old shelves important (they determine level) but chiseled reduce the randomness as players grind out enchanted books.  Given the space, an enchanting table pulls from about 7 to 9 chiseled shelves (with 15 regular) can be placed around it. Storing up to 54 books, which gives room for more enchantments, especially Treasure Enchants to then add in and encourage exploration.