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Minecraft Dungeons: Ancient Caves DLC


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    Maybe new mob, the Silver Golem who throws sharp silver shards like boomerangs.

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    Some more features

    -replace the emerald bundles with emerald ores

    -add gold ores so player can collect some gold

    -pointed dripstone can fall anywhere in the Dripstone Death and Dripstone Cave

    -glowing squid

    -glowing berries increase consumer's vision (recognize mobs, chest, etc)

    -parkour on dripleaf

    -some ideas for gear: gears related to amethyst, mineral, lush caves, deep dark biomes

    -lightning rod artifact (the bronze one in Minecraft): You place down a lightning rod, the lightning bolt will strikes every 2 seconds in an area

    -a Miner at your camp:

       +It can be unlocked by rescue the village from this DLC's certain level 

       +How it works: Player requires the Miner to start working in one of three DLC's level -> The Miner falls into a trouble at that cave (because the mobs :) ) -> Rescue the Miner and complete that level -> Back to the camp and claim the rewards at the Miner

       +Potential rewards (Order of possibility): Emerald, gold, common gears, rare gears (can be unique if player is equipping the luck of the sea enchanted gear), unique gears, gilded gears (only possible at maximized Miner's level) 

       +Players can upgrade the Miner with enchantment points