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Update Minecraft: Xbox One Edition to Update Aquatic/1.13


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    this is not gonna happen.

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    I agree that Xbox One Edition should get the aquatic update too just like Nintendo Switch Edition. Xbox One Edition was discontinued in September 2017 however it was later updated again and received TU58 and updates after it but after June 2018 it was completely excluded from all updates, which the other console received. Not releasing the aquatic update to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch because you have the aquatic update on bedrock doesn’t make sense imo. In the aquatic update Console Edition got a new tutorial world, the emrald icon above villagers (and wandering traders on PS4 too later) when trading which was sadly removed from bedrock, faster eye-level change animations (sneaking was fixed on bedrock but when your eye-level changes due to using riptide, swimming or using an elytra it is still too slow on bedrock but on Console Edition it matches Java), animation of camera moving up or down when entering or leaving a bed, properly working tridents (the channeling sound actually plays and loyalty tridents also return upon hitting an entity instead of bouncing off it first) and the sound for diving into and out of water. All of these features are still missing on bedrock, there are probably more. Most of them are also present on Java Edition.