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Separate command for mobGriefing into hostile and friendly


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    I would love to see this too...

    On my server we absolutely love the "survival" experience, but we have quite a few amazing builders that don't want their hard-earned work to be destroyed just randomly.  Creepers can be triggered by more than just players, Withers can wreck havoc on entire cities, and Endermen are relentless thieves randomly destroying creations.  We, quite literally, ONLY use the mobGriefing rule to stop those three mobs.  However, that said, using the command has some drastic downsides.

    Most importantly, the fact that it completely disables villager breeding.  While mobGriefing is disabled, villages can't expand and breed because villagers can't pickup food.  It would be awesome if the villagers and other friendly mobs were put on a separate "mobGriefing" command for this purpose.

    Let's face it, "Griefing" is what hostile mobs do.  Friendly mobs don't grief.