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Better redstone system for java


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    i was thinking copper should have redstone properties, like for instance while normal blocks can only carry a signal once (block powering, basically) copper could carry it 5 times. for the first 4 you can use it to power redstone, but with the 5th it cant power redstone dust directly. it could also be used with a clock to create the timer you mentioned, and for better signal energy and redstone climbing walls, what about a copper wiring? contains redstone, basically redstone dust, sort of works like the bluestone concept (does not point to redstone by default, must be configured with something like a wrench to do so) and goes up walls and upside down and even underwater. for comparators and repeaters, we could maybe combine it with copper and a slime ball to make the sideways variant. as copper is used in circuitry in real life i feel it should have more interactions with redstone.