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Get block ID with command


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    the command /block could be added to replace the command /setblock, and add the feature you described in this post, with following syntaxes: 

    /block set <pos> <block>

    • <pos> - the position of the block to be changed.
    • <block> - the new block.
    • /setblock ~ ~1 ~ air will be /block set ~ ~1 ~ air

    /block store <pos> (append|insert <index>|merge|prepend) (block <pos>|entity <target>|storage <target>) <path>

    • <pos> - the position of the block whose namespaced id will be stored.
    • other argruments follow those of /data.
    • /block storage ~ ~1 ~ merge storage minecraft:foo baz.id will get the namespaced id of the block at ~ ~1 ~ and will store to the path "baz.id" in the storage "minecraft:foo". 

    i am not a native english speaker, so do not mind my grammar mistakes :)

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    Also the have to be the possibility to also read the current block state. That could also be part of the /block command, that has been already mentioned!

    That command could be for example: /block get <pos> <path>
           And possible paths are for example id or block_state but also Items (for e.g. Chests or Barrels) or LastOutput (for e.g. Commandblocks) so that blockentitys could also be read like this.