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The Tower: Tower challenges/modifiers


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    Great stuff. Problem is, how would players pick these challenges, and where do they come from?
    Also this is similar to the idea a friend of mine had about tower cards: these essentially come as bonuses whenever you clear a floor and act a lot like Raid Captain banners (except positive) where they add a modifier to the next floor. They come in rarities which dictate the ability, such as a common card that gives you 10% more damage on the next floor or a rare one that makes all mobs on the current floor return on the next floor as allies or ultra rare ones such as a summoned pet that consumes all consumables in a large radius around the player to save time.

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    really interesting idea. this combined with different floor types such as parkour floors or survival floors could bring a lot of life to the tower. i especially would like something that at the very least reduces the amount of rng from tower rewards, and extra options coming from optional modifiers sounds really good.