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Delay the wild update


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    yeah, to a point, i’d rather it be like another caves and cliffs .3, just as a name change, as this isnt a wild update really, the caves and cliffs has seemingly done more the nature than the “wild” update is planning to

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    Some actual substance needs to be added, the last 5 major updates have all seemed rushed and incomplete. There is so much potential with this game it is such a shame it is being wasted like this. Absolutely no reason to put in hundreds or thousands of hours into a new world on this update if you already have in any of the other recent updates. Unless you are a new minecraft player this update offers nothing, cool another overpowered mob I have to grind the whole game just to be able to kill and get no drop worthy of the effort, and also no loot within the biome to incentivize taking the risk of sneaking. Congratulations, you have created parts of the world I don't even care to go anywhere near. Guess ill just go back to my 1.7.10 optifine for another decade.