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Goat horns playing sound effects


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    I'd like to point out too this is not the entirety of the mechanic, only what was allowed for me to post here. Not sure why the other part was removed, so I'll put it as a comment (only optional part) here.


    The idea was to use Echo Shards too, as in they stored the sound whilst goat horns were the means for the players to play them. This concept originated from the Echo Shard's own name - as in, "echo" reminded me of perpetuating sound, and thus being able to store different things inside it. Who knows what it's actually storing when found in ancient cities though.


    Anyhow, while being held in the off-hand, my idea was for the echo shard to pick up the nearest sound effect to it every of seconds. It would make for a dynamic system with it's own new challenges to store some different sounds - how would you get the thunder sfx, for example? There's always rain! But it's possible.


    An echo shard combined with a goat horn would put the echo shard's sound effect inside the goat horn - thus it'll make that sound once played. This should not, imho, consume the echo shard. It should still have it's current sound effect after that and such could be overwritten using the system of the above paragraph. Making one echo shard alone pretty valuable, although more than one could very often come in handy.


    I would put concept art/images here, but my suspicions are that this is what got my other post removed. So I hope this is enough for descriptions.