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Allaies get lost


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    I would suggest maybe a roaming mechanic when allays lose site of their player similar to what phantoms have. They would need to refresh their origin point periodically.

    As a narrative example, I got my first allay yesterday while I was playing co-op, and in a shockingly short time it managed to wander into a nether portal (which we had only just built) and 300 meters away from the portal through a dense crimson forest, over a nether fortress, into a soul sand valley. There was a small patch of nether fortress in the soul sand valley and, due to spawning mechanics, a ridiculous number of blazes and wither skeletons were spawning in the soul sand valley near-ish to where the allay was. I was only able to even locate it with a save file editor, and once I found it, I was trying to lead an unwilling subject across soul sand while being bombarded with an insane number of flaming projectiles and chased by a hoard of wither skeletons.

    The funniest part is that I actually handed it a heart of the sea to see if it would work. So that little guy stole my heart of the sea and did everything in his power to disappear into a fiery death with it.

    So far I would say having an allay has actually made my minecraft experience harder. Clearly illagers have the right idea caging them up. I'm not sure how else to protect it from itself.