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Echo Rift: Teleports Player to Spawnpoint


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    I don't know. Seems a little OP. Maybe it could be unreliable, like it has a decent chance to just teleport you to a semi random location instead and/or teleport you to a large or small radius around your spawn. To use it you would have to stand still while teleporting and it could take 30 seconds with obvious particle animation and sound to alert people and mobs around you where you are and that you are teleporting. It could use up the item or use a large part of its durability that can't be repaired, also maybe to craft/use it the map used would have to be of your spawn area, so if your spawn has changed you would have to craft/combine it with a map of your new spawn.

    But I don't know may be still to OP, if anything this could be a good idea for a item in a vanilla + or more likely a vanilla adjacent mod.