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Warden Screech and Ground Slam


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    As the warden already screems when about to charge, I feel there is no need for more screaming. And the slam, I mostly agree and here is what I think for a slam attack : the warden could do like a mega slam when enraged and unnable to find it's target. Usefull for players hidding under or over him. The slam should throw off players so that they fall of their pillar, do like 8 damage(full attack at normal range, 8dmg:5x5x5, 6dmg 7x7x7, 4dmg 9x9x9 and 2dmg 11x11x11) so that players that don't fall still feel overwhelemed and also do maybe some slow effect for as much seconds as damage done (2 to 8 sec) to stop the player from building back up or something. This attack should only be used when the warden is being damaged a lot and unnable to fight back.

    Also, another idea would be to make the warden capable of going underground if he really can't reach you but know where you are. And then either not respawn or spawn right bellow you so you stop hiding in a hole Hehehe... Because of the range of the warden slam, if he goes underground it would mean that you are either out of the biome so he goes back home or still in the biome where he can spawn bellow you and scare the crap out of you. Maybe add a 5 sec couldown from the start of the animation to let the player some time to react and be scared instead of instakilling him and making him rage quitting.