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feedback for the Minecraft - Experimental Deep Dark Snapshot 1 (Java)


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    I would personally say if the warden gave you like a new effect called wardens pulse that kind of works like mini fatigue. I will give you darkness mining fatigue, and it would disable you from placing blocks as long as you are within a certain proximity of the warden. As for the shulk shriekers they should become deactivated after spawning a warden thus the warden doesn’t leave the area because you threw a snowball and another one spawn immediately. Maybe there can also be a way to reactive them as well for the people who want wardens for mini games and whatnot. The loot all I think needs to be changed if the random inchanted books should be max level so Smite V Protection IV meaning that no matter what the book is a good find for the player. If you were to add a custom music disc for the deep dark cities as well, and add some diamonds and diamond armor. Personally in my head J think of the loot as being the overworld equivalent of the Bastion loot.

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    Move end fortresses and end portals into ancient cities. Done.