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Bat spawn and utility in 1.19


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    An alternative to the movement behavior of bats, they could instead stay largely inactive and perched above sculk areas until the player makes a noise that would even alert the bats as a warning before the warden comes. they could gravitate to a specific area of blocks to flee to, and multiple bats can share the same area to mimic flocking behavior.

    the player still being able to locate the bats by sound despite not immediately calling a warden could be explained by things in certain frequencies just cant be heard by sensors and the warden. they would otherwise live simi-peacfully, or lore wise even dependent on each other, unless a player interferes with the bats in a way that alerts the warden to attack with 0 prejudice, to even the bats. 

    killing the minimum number of bats yourself to make them flee and perch again before they give away your location by sound could be another layer of interactivity.