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Reserved Usernames


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    Hello, I just wanted to give my criticism of this.

    You may already be aware or I will inform you now that players "snipe" usernames. The username you described was becoming freed up from the original owner, however, up until that point the owner had the possibility of retaking their name. If reservation of usernames included names which are not available just yet, that would mean the original owner of said name will be unable to take it back as you have "reserved" their name.

    I believe the consequences of this will be more destructive than beneficial. Although an owner chose to switch off of their username, it doesn't necessarily mean they were willing to give it up just yet. Allowing others to take their name before they are given the privilege to reclaim it is unfair to the owner of the desired username.

    If you want a username in particular, either change to it (if it's available, in which case reservation is unnecessary) or "snipe" it like the username mentioned in your thread- simply wait for it to free up and manually claim the name when possible. If you fail to get it, oh well; that's just how usernames go.