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"elite" version of bosses and minibosses kinda like the deviants in MHGU


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    nice to see a reference from monster hunter :)   
    just a little note, since in this game we don't have invincibility frames, i think that we need them with rolls while also these bosses can have a ton of health (maybe bilions of HP) but their damage should be limited to almost  oneshot a player with 251 power level armor without any damage reduction.

    also the rewards for this guys needs to be strong gear or something to upgrade even more our existing gear, or at the very least let us create gear without having to deal with rng.

    this bosses need to be challenging for fun and needs to DON'T have rng in their loot so the grind isn't painful like right now in mcd (i never got a soul bow with anima conduit and cooldown reduction on shot, it is terrifing how the rng screwed me)