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[Parity to Bedrock] Speedrun Gameplay


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    Things what's bad in Bedrock.

    1. You can't arrow the crystals. The dragon will continue to heal.

    2. Your water will go away. You will experience sweat when dragon throws you away.

    3. Dragon is more fierce in Bedrock. You will be more often to be blown away while climbing the crystal tower (then die multiple times).

    4. You die easily even if you have Netherite.

    5. You can spam swords but beds do more damage. But the code of Bedrock will still hurt you when you use beds. (This is what I do because I can't explode the crystal i-still-die-lol).

    Good luck everyone. Let's change Minecraft.

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    Bruh, the damage algorithm, and attack cooldown is a part of 1.9 Combat update on Java which never came to Bedrock edition, because of the fact that it's harder for touch controls to play with that Combat system it's easier on pc cuz you can move you camera while clicking with fingers, it's alot harder on PE platforms of Bedrock so it's postponed on Bedrock Edition