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Remove or Improve The New Minecraft Launcher


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    More reasons why the new "improved launcher" is not really an improvement:
    - Launcher start-up (account verification) is extremely slow and unreliable. It often logs me out for no reason.

    - Creating a desktop shortcut or a custom Minecraft directory is a pain with the new launcher. With the old launcher, you could easily make a desktop shortcut and add a proper "--workDir" to its properties, allowing you to move all your Minecraft files to a custom directory. The new, "improved" launcher enforces the custom directory for many files.

    - The "new and improved" launcher is in many ways identical compared to the old one. Some real, more than a decade old issues, like the lack of an option to launch the game in maximized window mode by default, still haven't been adressed to this day (and no, I'm not talking about full screen mode, I'm talking about a simple, maximized window instead of the default tiny window it launches the game with!)

    - The only benefit of using the new launcher would be to have access to both MC Java and Bedrock Edition. I thought old players would have access to both versions, but after a lot of poking around, I found out support for this ended in April 2020. Now we get capes instead. No, that's not an improvement at all!

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    This should be pinned.

    The Microsoft store sucks because the interface is clunky, lacks customization and details. Also, the majority of apps are total junk (1 to 2.5 stars with hundred thousands downloads is very common), or have better alternatives outside the store (often free), or they are remakes of original software and do not work the same as the originals.

    I call it the Microsoft Junkyard. If I had made such a thing (I am a coder of 20 years) I would so fast clean up the crap, fix the interface, and beg the community for forgiveness.

    It seems of late (very late) that store improvements are happening. I haven't personally confirmed. I have about zero interest in the very idea of a take-over MS store, whether it gets any better or not.)

    Forcing Minecraft into it makes the store look better. Unfortunately Minecraft now resides in world of refuse. Who would have ever thought? Reading around various places, nobody did, nor do they much like it.

    But this is not new of major companies. We honestly have to look at the bright side. MC still exists, it's still a good game. And somehow, despite similar profoundly ridiculous achievements among big companies, it's not all so bad. If they do stupid stuff and everybody says it's stupid, it's only their loss. I have to remind myself: Don't let companies or people take your joy along with whatever else they took, lesser things, like time and convenience. Hold onto your peace. They don't deserve that.

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    The Microsoft store (and by extension the new Minecraft Launcher) are intermingled with the Windows Update infrastructure of Microsoft

    If your network administrators set the group policy equivalent of:

    "Do not connect to any Windows Update Internet locations"

    Then that user will not be able to use the Microsoft Store / new MC launcher / Windows update server connections at all

    This impacts students with domain joined laptop through school, and workplace computers similarly that have IT administrators restrict bandwidth through local WSUS servers only (a common occurrence to save bandwidth)

    With all these services linked into the same update infrastructure - its a huge oversight to have 1 setting undo everything for students at schools - Luckily education edition isnt impacted by this (yet)