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Bring Back Disabled Minecon Cape Codes


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    May 12 of 2020 was 4 years after the last Minecon which took place. If anyone had not applied their cape via their cape code until that point, it is unlikely they desire to do so. Everyone who attended a Minecon or multiple Minecons would have consumed the code already. If not, it's likely a malicious user intending to sell the cape for real-life currency. This incites the Minecraft black market so it should be avoided.

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    They should definitely consider bringing cape codes back in some capacity even if it means theres more steps involved with applying the codes (for security). Disabling these really backfired considering this just encourages the selling of caped Minecraft accounts as opposed to the codes that could be equipped on any account. If you've been paying attention in the community, Minecon cape accounts have skyrocketed in value and are being sold more frequently. If Mojang really cared about the issue of hacking and selling accounts, they shouldn't have disabled cape codes. It was really just a more ethical way to apply your favorite Minecon cape on your OWN account which is better than buying someone else's account for sure. Also, if they implemented a way to use Minecon codes on the "Microsoft redeem code page", that would be a really good way to implement them again. 

    Another note i want to add is in reference to the other comment that suggests codes are inciting the Minecraft black market. I'd argue that people are MORE likely to steal accounts with capes already applied now that codes are gone due to the high demand for them. I've seen this happen.

    And if any time were perfect to bring codes back, It would be now. With Microsoft migration being a big help to secure Minecraft accounts from hackers, cape codes would be more safe on these accounts than ever before.