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Basking Sharks & Shrimps


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    Great idea! I think it should have around the same life points as a player. Same thing could be done to the whale shark. I think it should attack shrimp, and swim away when attacked.
    The shark will avoid contact with you around a minute when attacked. Also, I think it shoukd be rare (for every 10 dolphins, around 1 basking shark)

    Shrimp, on the other hand, may be eaten by cod, and swim really fast. There would be 2 shrimp for every 1 fish (cod, salmon and tropical fish. Puffer fish wouldn't count).

    Also, adding shrimp would add the possibility of adding shrimp as a food item! 

    Maybe, they could drop from 0 to 1 shrimp. Shrimp could be smelted to have cooked shrimp. In this case, cooking it will be the only way to eat it.