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We are on the 1.16.4 PRE-RELEASE 1. Please remember this category is for features inside the pre-release only. To make a new suggestion for Java (like a block or gameplay suggestion), please use the appropriate category for your suggestion.


1.18 Experimental Snapshot 4


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    Overall, the terrain is pretty much perfect; cave generation is awesome, biomes are nicely balanced, but structures are a little prone to bugs. I've run into a stronghold that spawned on top of a mine shaft and a dripstone cave, and the jumbled up mess made it a pain to navigate, and while it is cool that some structures can render on top of each other, I think the stronghold should be made an exception, as it is the entrance to and set up for the End.

    Mob spawning is bugged as well, but more on the side of not enough spawns instead of something like the new light rules suddenly going out the window. Mobs have refused to spawn on blocks I actually placed down, like for a mob farm, and meanwhile the spawner blocks are constantly cranking out enemies regardless of light level. I had to place torches on every block near the spawner just to interrupt the spawn pattern.

    And in regards to the original post on this thread, yes, rivers tend to more often than not just be flooded caves open to the air, which makes them a breeding ground for drowned. Hardly a great situation for a player just starting their survival world.

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    Minecraft 1.18 is cool but not to simple updates like 1.18 is the game getting less simple