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Full Keyboard Gameplay For Minecraft Java Edition


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    On my laptop, clicking is locked for like 2 to 3 seconds after pressing a key on the keyboard, making it more infuriating (and a bit uncomfortable) to play on a touchpad (I have a Dell Latitude E6540). Yes, I do have an external mouse, but it doesn't want to work with my laptop…

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    Here’s the problem with this: Bedrock DOESN’T have full keyboard control. I mean, they say they do, and have a toggle to turn it on, but without a crosshairs (at least on mobile) its impossible to break or place blocks because there is nothing on the screen to select the blocks. It acts as though the blocks you are placing/breaking are too far away. Otherwise, I would use my Bluetooth keyboard to play Minecraft. Every other control works like a charm on Minecraft with iOS but placing and breaking since there is no crosshairs.