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A problem with building in survival: lack of easily renewable materials


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    Andydog7777 commented
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    Maybe the Wandering Trader could sell these items in bulk.  It would add more use to the Wandering Trader, and do what the post says.  Currently the only one of these things you can buy from the trader is sand.  The deal is trash.  Who wants to buy four sand for an emerald?  I would only think it was worth it if it sold us at least sixteen sand for an emerald or thirty-two bricks for an emerald.  Another way sand and gravel could be renewable would be for sandstone to drop four to eight sand when crushed by an anvil or stalagmite, and the same thing for stone and gravel. If a concrete block was crushed, it would drop between two and four concrete powder of that color.  

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    this is in the wrong category, it should be in gameplay or blocks tools and items, shouldn't it?


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    Also, while I agree with you (I don't like destroying the ambient beauty of the world (or the natural environments)) However, I also think that collecting the materials is a large part of the game. 

    You could use creative mode. 

    Or, Minecraft could add an enchantment to get triple the build exclusive items (stone, dirt, wood, sand, gravel, etc.)

    Copper, however, should be the way it currently is. While it is used primarily for building, it will mark the age of a Minecraft world, both with the difficulty of obtaining it, and the weatehring of the copper.

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    @BlastMiner9004 I like collecting materials too, but in a way that is not destructive to the environment. For example, from mob drops, cobblestone generators, or villager trades. I prefer to fight challenging mobs and survive in survival mode, creative takes away the combat part of the game, along with achievements, and makes it less of a game.

    In survival though, I and many players often find ourselves relying on wood and stone, again and again. The other building blocks are just too much of a hassle to obtain and renew in large amounts. Terraforming is difficult as well, as the common blocks (Dirt, Netherrack, End Stone) are very difficult or even impossible to renew.

    Instead of an enchantment, I think they should just increase the amount of building blocks you get on trades and barters, and add more farms and mob drops, like Husks dropping sand or clay.

    I've been testing out copper in 1.17, and again it has the same problem, even with Fortune, as it needs 9 ingots to craft one block. Renewability is ridiculously difficult: it takes 180 Drowned kills in Java, and 81 kills in Bedrock, just to get ONE copper block. It ended up being a niche block that cannot be used in survival in large amounts, again. So, no copper/steampunk themed base build in survival. For the weathering, I wish that it takes a longer time, in Bedrock edition I got fully oxidized blocks within just 35 Minecraft days or so.