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Villager Behaviors in Bedrock Edition


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    they will socialise, but not as often as java

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    The villagers are 100% a straight up mess and borderline unplayable if we’re telling the truth. I waited ages to mess with them because I knew this to be true, but there comes a time that you need or want a trading hall and you can’t procrastinate anymore. Setting it up took... forever. And it was the most enraging process I’ve ever engaged in. Which is a shame because the beauty of minecraft is that it’s the most relaxing game. Like even fighting bosses isn’t enough to make someone rage quit, but playing with villagers in any capacity, yeah I’ll rage quit.

    They really do just wander all around, constantly divorcing their beds and workstations. So they never work to refresh their trades and, again, wonder all around at all hours just begging to be murdered by zombies.

    They should be so much fun to play with, building whole towns and things, but they need some serious help.

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    I also want to point out the terrible linking mechanics of villagers on bedrock edition, they tend to link to workstations they can't pathfind to and just keeps linking/unlinking to it. Villagers on bedrock edition are fustrating to handle near your base with the workstations as decoration.

    Villagers on java edition are very well behaved and civilized