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Accessibility features for blind gamers


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    killerbeast56 commented
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    Blind gamer here as well. Yep that'll be super cool. I've sent many suggestion to Dungeons devs on Twitter as well, and I'm really hoping they are eventually implemented. I think that's what's a little frustrating, that the game is almost accessible, but not quite. With sighted help, you can do anything in the game, but by yourself, you will unfortunately be lost. 

    Navigation, locating items, and inaccessible puzzles are the biggest issues, but there are also a few other bugs. There's lag when navigating around using narration, and narration tends to lose focus at times and read the wrong item descriptions. the order in which narration reads things could be improved as well. item description before button prompts will be a lot more useful, as we'll be able to skip to the next item as soon as we listen to the description, rather than waiting for the entire button prompt to play, before the relevant info is read out.

    There's also an issue with some screens, where narration can't be interrupted. Shop screens in particular can take a super long time to navigate, since you not only have initial lag, but you must also wait until the entire description of the highlighted item is read out, before tts reads the next one.

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    killerbeast56 commented
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    Sorry about double post, I reached the character limit! haha. continued below.

    There's also a screen that shows possible mission drops, right before you begin a mission. These items do not read using tts when scrolling through them. There are sounds associated with every Mob drop, but it can be difficult to memorize audio cues for every single item in Dungeons, as there are hundreds of items.

    One more thing: it isn't currently possible to tell via speech how many enchantment slots an item contains, or which of the 3 slots you are on. that'd be awesome, as I sometimes find myself upgrading an item, only to trash it later after I discover it only contains two item slots.

    Hope this feedback helps make the game a little more accessible. thanks for reading!



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    sljgamer1988 commented
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    Hi killerbeast56

    Thanks a ton for your great feedback. This is very much appreciated.