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Legacy Java Edition accounts should have usernames wiped after migration


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    >>players have had the opportunity to migrate their accounts, but chose not to

    You probably do not know this is false.  Many weren't playing when the migration occurred a couple years ago.   They didn't know.    Migration has been blocked for several months and something else you don't know is that many legacy player are to be deprived of their accounts unfairly because Microsoft is taking the position if you didn't save Mojang's original email, well tough.  You have to pay $40 AUS if you want continue playing a game you paid for already.

     Although, I guess once paid customers are shown the door, freeing up the names might as well happen.


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    i have a firewall setup to block when the migration happeneds, ill most likely leave it on after 1.18

    honestly the only reason to the forced migration is "Security" instead of mojang tthat is owned by Microsoft to build 2FA instead they just forced millions of people to sue a Microsoft account.

    2FA is secure unless the company itself gets breached, ironically more Microsoft accounts means more data and control for the company

    bing with search history, cookies and trackers, tracking under age kids without trying to. because your forcing a good number of people to switch or create accounts like the > zero-day exploits were discovered in on-premises Microsoft Exchange Servers, giving attackers full access to user emails and passwords on affected servers in January

    this was all to protect accounts from getting hacked but in return more data is stored on Microsoft end which can be used

    ``and I can't think of any good reason of why they chose not to).``

    basically security reasons why i can think of also 2FA is optional and not forced.

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    I have something too. I think I used to have the name Juiceman when I first started playing but I lost my account ( I think ) when my parents got divorced and changed there emails. So I think if a player did not migrate without a Microsoft account I think the name should be given to the public because if the player did not migrate the account is no longer available. But this also leaves another question what will we do with the players account. If the player has not logged on for a certain amount of time like a decade or something or like 5 years I think they should send out an email saying "Please either we will give you a refund or something or yeah." So in theory I agree.