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Chaleco de proteccion para gatos y lobos


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    Hello, this appears to be a non-English post. Below you will find a transcription of the topic being discussed.  


    Title: “Protective vest for cats and wolves”  


    Text: “

    Vests for cats and wolves would serve as protection so they can be protected from mobs, the bad thing is that they'll be a little slow when equipped.

    It could be crafted with leather, iron, diamond and netherite, the way of crafting would be like a chair shape.

    The leather armor would be used to dye, when equipped they will walk smoothly, and the damage from falling would start when it falls from 5 blocks in height and its durability would be 260 hardness.

    Iron would start to slow him down because of the weight they equip, but the damage from falling would be when he falls from 6 blocks in height and his durability would be 500 hardness.

    The diamond will make you walk normal, the damage of falling would be from 8 blocks in height and its durability would be 760 hardness.

    And the netherite will make him lentisimo, the damage from falling would be from 11 blocks in height and the lava damage would take away half a heart and its durability would be 950 hardness.” 

    - Translated by Admin