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Unintended consequence of deep lakes


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    I REALLY like them though, and theres plenty of solutions. Mining Around, Bringing Doors, etc. Some Early game solutions would be nice though. Making the lakes generate with more air pockets, extending the time it takes for oxygen to run out slightly, etc.

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    I completely disagree. In my experience, underground lakes make caving too easy.

    In early game survival, all you need is a single magma block and you can swim wherever you want (and guess what, magma blocks generate in aquifers, how convenien...). It takes slightly longer to mine ores, yes, but this is more than made up for by the fact that there are no monsters and that ores such as diamonds are twice as common underwater.

    Underwater is usually my first place to mine in early-game survival. The open caves are just too dangerous until you have proper armor.