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A case study in bad design


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    Thank you for saying that...

    I mean, I get the idea of allowing email logins, which was supposed to let people change usernames, but then there's this Microsoft account thing which is, for all that I can figure out, exactly the same.

    We already have UUIDs to identify players. We don't need the new "solution"; if it's badly implemented or hard to use... that's not actually the system's fault.

    There's a lot of personal information needed to get a Microsoft account, which I'm not happy about. At the first chance I'm planning on deleting mine (I mean, it has my real-life name, not just a username!) once I don't need it. Having to keep it around just to play Minecraft will be really disappointing for me.

    On that note, if you found out how to launch the new launcher with Java -jar I'd LOVE to know. I'm okay with random Java blobs, but not platform-specific EXEs. I thought that was the point of using Java. (and it's still called the Java edition)

    (Yes, don't spoil the argument with the libraries that are platform-specific that are used by the game like LWJGL. I'm aware of them, but those are external and can be managed)

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    i agree but i also disagree. I agree with having lots of personal information on that account and after all, its just a game mostly children play (no offense) and there isnt any actual reason for migrating. I kinda disagree because with MS accounts we would be able to have friends tabs in the launcher and we would have, the most important feature of all, C A P E S!!!