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This category is for feedback regarding Minecraft Dungeons, an all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. To talk about dungeons IN the current game of Minecraft, please use the Structures category. Be sure to separate your ideas so people know what they're voting for. Bugs, support issues, gameplay questions, ideas that already have threads in progress, and things covered by the FAQ will be removed. Thanks, and enjoy Minecraft Dungeons!


PVP Minecraft dungeons


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    SlayGames5284 commented
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    Here's an idea:

    Create an area titled arena and give it three modes ranked, casual, and custom.

    Ranked: there is a leaderboard with all players and it shows their ranks.  if you lose a battle you lose "points" and your ranking goes down or if you win you get a higher rank.  these battles will all be online with 4 modes-solo (1 player vs 1 player), duos (2 v 2),squads(3 v 3), and teams(4 v 4).  when you play a match you get matched with people of your similar rank.

    Casual: you can play locally or online and it doesn't affect the ranks at all

    Custom: you have control over the match and can put limits on the equipment that you can use, create modifiers, and create "waves" of monsters for you to battle. Doesn't affect rankings.

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    MrMicah123 commented
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    That is a good idea SlayGames5284!