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This category is for feedback regarding Minecraft Dungeons, an all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. To talk about dungeons IN the current game of Minecraft, please use the Structures category. Be sure to separate your ideas so people know what they're voting for. Bugs, support issues, gameplay questions, ideas that already have threads in progress, and things covered by the FAQ will be removed. Thanks, and enjoy Minecraft Dungeons!


Cave DLc


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    Sherbeast28 commented
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    This sounds great but maybe a warden boss that has been corrupted by the shard and amethyst daggers and instead of an archaeologist pickaxe maybe a archaeologist brush which is an artefact that upon use it will summon some sort of item to help you (like the new brushes from 1.17) and instead of a skulk pickaxe you could get a skulk trap that upon use will be placed on the ground and look like 1 skulk sensor with 4 iron doors on each side so that when you step the skulk sensor will activate triggering the trap doors sending vibrations tricking anything that relies on vibrations into thinking your where the skulk trap is however if you attack that any mobs tricked by it the mob will head to wherever the attack is coming from until it reaches where it the attack is coming from and then will attack however if the attack stops and it doesn't hit anything then it then it will head go to the trap again (the trap will only send vibrations when you are doing anything to cause vibrations (you also must be within range of it to detect vibrations same as anything else that uses vibrations)).

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    JesusRami00 commented
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    I love your idea!

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    Gundabadguy commented
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    I had an idea where the first level for the End DLC can have the new Cave types in it and have the stronghold at the very end.