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Programmer art texture pack


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    I agree, but there's a LOOOOOOOT more that just nether gold and nylium: Netherite Armor is wayyy to detailed and not saying its bad but it doesn't fit with iron/diamond/gold Armor, also in the hotbar netherite armor isnt shaped like any of the old armor and also in the hotbar netherite ingots have the same format/shape as the new ingots because it is from the new textures, it's also way to detailed again and doesn't fit the old ingots shape, same goes with copper, the new ingots don't fit the old shape and are way to detailed to fit, and the copper and netherite blocks don't fit either, if you ask me copper should look like the iron block and maybe netherite too or a gold or diamond block because the new blocks are way too detailed, and cut copper should look like purpur blocks with the iron block structure aswell instead of looking super flat. These can all oxidize but with less detail. Deepslate bricks look like the new brick texture same thing with Blackstone, cobbled Deepslate should look like you know, deepslate cobblestone, Blackstone looks to detailed if you ask me it should also look like cobblestone, Deepslate tiles are fine I think because nothing was like them before so yeah but deepslate it's waaaaayyyyy to detailed aswell, if you ask me they should just take the old grimstone texture from the first snapshot they were in, and if they want that top texture than they can take the 2nd texture from the next snapshot they did that was still less detailed. Spyglass too.