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Polar Bear Fur


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    Shears should also work but drop less fur, encouraging players to travel to snowy biomes to make fur farms, fur blocks could work just like wool but have a more rugged texture.

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    Roccocomet1 commented
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    Well, Mojang doesn't want people to be encouraged to kill endangered animals for useful drops. Perhaps the bears could just shed fur to time to time, or any other better alternative option which doesn't involve death, as seen in goats and turtles.

    In my opinion, polar bears also need to get buffed, they are far too weak.

    (I saw your pun)

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    Roccocomet1 commented
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    They should have 40 hp (20 hearts, so twice as much as the player, like hoglins) instead of 30, and perhaps a small amount of armour points (polar bears have thick hide irl). Should deal 9 damage instead of 6 (3 hearts)

    But polar bears need updating, it is a shame they are so boring.

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    Not a bad idea but it would never be added