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Elevator Shafts for Abandoned Mineshafts In Caves


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    Lego123935 commented
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    I like this idea!

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    bana na08 commented
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    I had an idea similar to this, but it's an entire room instead.  I'm going to add my post as a comment here instead, since I feel these are similar enough to each other that mine wouldn't warrant its own post.  Here's mine:

    This spawns in mineshafts far more uncommonly than your elevators are, with just 0-2 per mineshaft.  There's a few side tunnels that connect to the main room, and possibly a chest somewhere containing chains and probably some loot as well.  The height and width of the room can vary but there's always a 5x5 elevator shaft in the center of the room with chains holding up a platform.  The platform suspended there can vary in how high it is, but sometimes the chain will be broken with the platform at the bottom of the shaft in pieces, or maybe just absent altogether.

    Here's the vertical shaft in the center of the room, which extends downwards many blocks.  Mineshaft tunnels connect to the sides, where minecarts could be loaded onto the platform and carried up and down.  A torch spawns above the entrances, which can be horizontally level to each other.