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Inventory upgrade


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    Although I don't think this was ever stated as a design principle by the dev team publicly, I do think there's a reason why they haven't added items that just expand inventory slots. We've seen them add bundles and shulker boxes and ender chests, but never anything that just directly expanded inventory space. I can't say that I know the reasoning behind this, but it is apparent.

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    Yes please!  A way to have 9 more quickly accessible inventory slots will make the game vastly less limiting.  I find if I go mining or exploring I have 27 slots filled before I start.  The next 9 quickly are filled with stones and ores and smelted ores and compressed those.  And then I need to drop a chest and leave inventory behind all the time, and make multiple trips just to move it all to the surface.  9 more will much more than double the time before things get clogged up.