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Bedrock Edition should Support Digital Surround Sound


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    I just don't get it. This isn't the only device issue reported on the bug tracker where people are saying their device works with every other game including Minecraft:Java Edition. There are reports saying that about other audio brands and setups, about keyboards, mouses and controllers, and about connectivity issues, and now with RenderDragon about GPUs/chipsets as well. Bedrock is supposed to be the cross-platform version. Supporting all hardware and setups that Java Edition supports should be a baseline.

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    Here in 2022—this is still a problem. It infuriates me that this bug still persists as an issue 6 years after it had been reported. A severe bug like this—that makes the game unplayable for those who get easily nauseous—should be fixed immediately. No if's, and's, or but's.

    The Bedrock Team needs to be aware that this is a severe issue and at least make an attempt to fixing it. I dislike that I have to play the game muted/with my PC speakers rather than with my headphones that have worked for every game that I've played (along with Minecraft: Java Editon).