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Give Bundles a Sweeping Pickup Mechanic


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    It would be so nice to get all the bits and pieces you accidentally pick up to go into a "trashbag". So many times I've thrown out 2 seeds, 3 rotten meat, 4 

    I love the prioritizing idea! The bundle could be sweeping up by the help of a new hotkey (toggle on/off) or by right clicking while holding the bundle (but a toggleable hot key would be GREAT). And when you have something in your inventory that stack fills up before entering the bundle and vice versa. "Oh? I got a granite, one flint and an andesite while mining - Typical. I'll just put them in the bundle to free up my inventory and dump them out with the poisonous potatoes"

    It's like a sorting system for your inventory! = D
    And a trash can! <3