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The people in Mojang are vary nice people and what there doing is vary nice


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    cranzag commented
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    Hear, hear. Happy Holidays, Mojang

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    Thanks for the nice words! :) I'll make sure the team sees them!

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    Drizzt Lee commented
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    Your welcome nova, I just wanted to say that most people don't appreciate Mojang, I mean really, Mojang could doesn't have to look at our ideas but they do and that's very nice considering that many people play Minecraft...and sadly Minecraft earth is going to be gone forever and Minecraft story mode came to an end...all I hope is that the same will not happen to Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, Thanks for commenting nova, tell everyone to keep on going and never give up and that I for one, appreciate what Mojang does. I see a bright future for Minecraft, so, One last thing to say to Mojang, keep on doing your stuff, keep Minecraft alive for years, and hope you all have a happy new year...Thank you for what you do Mojang and I'll see you all tomorrow...KEEP BUILDING! AND NEVER GIVE UP!!! 

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    Bendyizzt Ink commented
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    Yes, Mojang, don't give up!

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    anbot139 commented
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    Oh my, what are the chances that I found a comment on an old post that was posted on the same day