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Crows and a function for Scarecrows


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    a few suggestions:

    •  one crow must fly over a pack of wolves, as in the real world they form a symbiosis.
    •  crows must steal gold drops (ingots, nuggets, swords, etc. everything that shines).
    •  crows should attack your crops (yes, unfortunately there is no corn in minecraft).
    •  also crows should avoid not only the "scarecrow", but also the armor stands, dressed in armor.


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    I vote for crows, yes, they're nice. At this point almost animal added to the game is a good addition, as long as it has an use or reason to be. However I am not sure this crow eating zombie mechanic would work or be very realistic, because I believe crows are creatures of the day mostly and zombies we know only come at night, so they wouldn't meet often.
    They could breed on their own - like someone else suggested that rabbits should do - when eating wheat crops, and  become hostile when feeding. That would force us to attack them in self defense and then as you say trigger these several other crows to spawn in the vicinity that would not trigger the effect again but would drop black feathers when killed. These feathers could be used to make... make better arrows? And maybe a Potion of the Tracker that highlight enemies around the player the same way as the glowing arrow does.Alternatively we could tame a crow that would sit up high and give us this effect anyway.