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Disable Skulk Sensor


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    I think that water should act as a sound separator. For example, sculk sensors would only be able to detect sounds underwater when underwater and sounds above water when underwater. Sounds underwater also wouldn't travel as far

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    I've seen multiple posts about this, one involving string, another involving campfires. There really should be a way to disable skulk sensors! The people want it!

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    The idea of air and water as separate mediums for virbations is pretty cool. Sound travels faster and further underwater, so the sculk sensor would probably have extended range in water.

    Disanling sculk sensors is also pretty cool, but I don't think water is the right way, because of the above. Maybe disable them by applying a redstone current? Is that possible/sensible with a block that can emit a redstone signal itself?

    Or, because sculk is new and mysterious, maybe there is a use for Lapis Lazuli in disabling sculk sensors? Lapis could be a bit more exciting and it has such an arcane vibe to it.