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(.net) Changes to comparison table in Get Minecraft page


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    mestesso123 commented
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    I had another point to make, but I was interrupted by a pesky character limit that is said to haunt long posts like mine. I wonder what were they thinking when they added it. This is a feedback, not a tweet!

    • Host your own server: Both Editions. Though, it would be better to specify that Bedrock Edition servers are still in an alpha phase.

    3) Missing information

    These are some platform exclusives that you might want to add to your list:

    • Education Features: Only Bedrock
    • Beta Versions: Both Edition
    • Historical Versions: Only Java
    • Moderation: Only Bedrock

    I hope you will take my feedback into account, as I think we can all agree that giving players useful, accurate and comprehensive information is fundamental to let them make this choice.