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explain more on the "moderator banning powers" articles you have


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    Lolbit723 commented
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    We need a better explanation NOW because people will quit minecraft if they make it as bad as they said in the original article!

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    NchantedRain commented
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    Mojang should not be micromanaging private servers. Minecraft is not a social platform like Xbox Live, and it should be up to the server admins and moderators to take action against those who violate the rules of that server.

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    Melly Dow commented
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    I disagree as If you leave one edition (Java) unmoderated than bad actors will just flock to Java after getting banned from Bedrock. This will also set a bad president that Java is the wild west (Java already has a toxic reputation especially on the pvp side). Both should be moderated and banned from (banned from one and you get banned from the other to prevent ban evading).You should have no problem if you do not do anything egregious as most players are nice enough and even a small amount of trash talk is fine. I have seen flat out racism on servers and nothing has been done by the server staff even after reports.

    Many also do not realized that even if you stay on lower versions that after migration you can still get your Microsoft / Xbox account reported in-game on Bedrock (and likely Java after social interaction features and migration circa 1.16.4) so you cannot escape bans. Just be nice.