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Name Opening Wave


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    Honestly, this would be very unfair for the owners of those names. How would you feel if you lost your OG name simply because you went inactive for a while? This would be nothing like the name change day event in 2015. In this case, you would be taking away the names from people who paid for the game and somewhat “earned” them, either by being around in the early days or by simply getting them in that special day almost 6 years ago, while they could.

    There is absolutely no reason for Mojang to recycle usernames now and the reason all these good names became available in 2015 was because of the removal of the feature that allowed you to claim a name without paying for an account, which led to many OG names reserved in around 2010 to become available. Besides, if Mojang were to free up all these names it would be chaotic, especially now that the rare account community has become more popular than ever. People who learned from history are going to do anything it takes to get them and many would attempt to make money out of selling the accounts they snipe the names on...

    At the end of the day, people want OG names because they are very simple and rare to see on servers, something that implies they were claimed a long time ago. They wouldn’t be so special if they were to be recycled every time their owner goes inactive. Obviously, you are suggesting this as a one-time event, but that still addresses your last argument about inactive OGs being a problem.