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Fix Woodland Mansion Difficulty or Reward


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    They should overall it's loot, giving lot's of emeralds and iron on the chest's, and many enchanted books.

    Also plenty of other less userfull stuff like lapis, quartz, redstone and weat

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    The Evoker should be exclusive to Woodland Mansions and should not be in raids.

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    I think the woodland mansion was fine until you could get totems of undying in raids. I think if they add more good chests to the woodland mansion, and make it only a small chance  (maybe like 5%) to get the totem from a raid evoker then they would be ok.

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    I would like them to be smaller and have a actual reason for going there. I would like it if its the only place to get a new enchantment, Illagers Bane. It would act like smite but for illagers. They could do something as cool as that?